Somewhere in the past 2 years I picked up this bad habit. It may be because I’m the kind of person who wants to fix things immediately after realizing something’s wrong. It may be because of a past of feeling insecure. But God has showed me that I should have no reason to worry if I’m surrendering to HIM and seeking HIM direction. (1 Corinthians 10:13). This verse has helped me a lot because it’s exactly what I pray when I wake up every morning. For endurance. When you feel like the world is breaking around you, have you considered that it’s just a small thing and easily fixable with God? Sometimes he asks us to wait on him because his plan will always turn out better than ours.

           Some time ago, I had this experience with someone doing something to me that, at the time, really screwed me up. It was really hurtful because I kept trying to do the right thing by them, but they’re intentions toward me weren’t good. This person doesn’t think I’m good enough, what if I’m not? Scrutiny would run through my mind constantly, keeping me from being my best. Again and again this happened until I finally realized something. This person should have responded to me better, but why don’t I respond to me better? What did I do to deserve this? Maybe I should change my personality. How could they be so heartless? Well why do I keep giving them that power over my mind? They stopped talking to me because I’m not as cool as they are. Well who made them the “decider” of what’s cool anyway? That’s how you beat overanalyzing. After I got some council, I saw that I was being really silly in the way I was viewing it all, and that me and this person (though alike), think about some things very differently. I like who I am, and that’s what matters. Why should I care what others think? Jesus didn’t.

            If you were at a job interview, and were given the chance to have someone record your every move, what do you think you would see? You would probably see more things you did wrong than right! All the questions answered incorrectly. Bad posture. How you should’ve worn black shoes instead of brown. So at the end of the week, if they called and told you you got the job, you’d probably be pretty confused, right? Because you missed the fact that you had good eye contact, a contagious smile, a good resume to back you up. This is what over analyzation can do to us. (1 Peter 2 1-5) When you have a firm house built up, whatever’s thrown at it bounces right off. And that’s how we have to be as Christians. Resilient. Stable. Tenacious. Always remembering to love others as Christ loves us, unconditionally.