Life is the most difficult when you can’t control it. Take it from me, someone who’s spent most her time trying to fix certain situations and open up closed doors all on her own. I’m the kind of person who wants something and does anything to get it. I have always felt like if you want something bad enough you’ll work hard to get it. It’s the same motivation that caused me to put penny after penny in my piggy bank, or practice a song I was learning in choir in the shower. When I really liked someone and decided to get dressed up nice, and when I had a final in Algebra (not one of my favorite subjects) and stayed up all night going over flash cards, that was the drive in me. But what I’ve discovered sometimes is that we can rush into many things without considering all of the variables involved. We try to rush ourselves to get better in a certain area of life, and then we get frustrated when it doesn’t happen in one day. But most importantly, we rush God when we know he promised to bless us with something, and a month passes without any changes. It gets difficult some days to follow a God that sees a thousand years as one day, so how do we get past that?

      It’s good to enjoy every season of your life. Even in a waiting season, we can still be successful and fruitful with what’s given to us. I am definitely guilty of seeing something worth having and trying to make it happen for myself, but the word of God says that the Lord knows our hearts and what we want; He is determined to make it happen for us. (Jeremiah 29:11) He doesn’t hold anything back from us, it’s just our job receive the blessings. There was once a man named Jacob in the word of God who messed up so bad, he was on the lamb from his own family. He screwed with his brother in a major way, so his brother was out to kill him. He went to go work for his Uncle Laban so he could get himself together, but when he ran into his daughter Rachel, everything changed. He was absolutely consumed by her beauty, and was determined to marry her. He made a deal to work for his uncle for 7 years so that he could have her hand in marriage. Now I know what you’re thinking, he fell in love with his own cousin? Well the customs back then were a little different than the ones we have now. He ended up having to work another 7 years to get her because his uncle cheated him, but he did eventually marry her. Honestly, I can’t imagine how beautiful she must’ve been to have a man going after her that hard, but when I think about it more, I realize that we all have a “Rachel” in our lives. It may be just a dream, or a promise God has given us that hasn’t come to pass yet.

      Earlier this week, I felt like God gave me this word as I was taking a short work break. I was peeling a clementine and meditating on God’s goodness in my life. Clementines have slowly become my favorite fruit in the world! They’re so much easier to peel than regular sized oranges, and in my opinion, less messy. I probably eat about 4 a day when I’m trying not to drink a lot of soda, and it’s really been working. So as I bit into the first, succulent-looking slice of clementine, my first inclination was to spit that thing right out of my mouth. I’m sure I was wearing a “meme” face for all my disgust. To my surprise it was nothing like what I was used to. Nowhere near as tart or tangy! I tried another slice, and another and another but the whole clementine had the same, dull, watered-down taste. I decided to just finish it and move on to another one. That’s when God spoke to me and said something to the effect of, “That’s exactly how it feels to receive a blessing too soon.” I kind of looked up in confusion for a second, and then I quickly recognized what he was saying. That taste, unsatisfying and TOO sweet, is the equivalent of jumping through every door that is put in front of you, instead of waiting on God perfect timing. In my experience, the reason he’s telling you to wait is usually a pretty good one. He tells us to wait because there may be an unseen variable that could hurt us. When we trust God with our “clementine”, he’ll make sure it ripens on time. When God promises us “Rachel”, he WILL give us “Rachel”. So what do we do in the meantime?

      To be honest, the longer we wait to trust God, the longer He’ll wait until we get it through our heads that we’re not in control. It’s good to spend as much time with God as possible when in pause, that’s how faith stays alive. The Bible says in Philippians 4:6, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Once you thank God for something as if it’s already happened, he sees how big your faith is, and development is activated. It’s difficult putting large plans and even small plans in our creator’s hands, because we wonder if he really loves us enough to give it back. I’ve wondered this at times myself. Past experiences speak for themselves though, so I’ve started recording testimonies in my iPod to remember all of the conflicts He’s brought me out of. I would recommend trying it for yourself, and see if it doesn’t help you stay positive through a really dark time. It’s time for us as Christians to come out of summer, and into the harvest.