I was at Walmart the other day window shopping in different sections. One thing about window shopping is that you do it to pass the time, wondering what it would be like to actually have money to spend. It just so happened that I was not broke during my visit. I had a good amount of cash and saw several things I really wanted. Like those high neck seamless tank tops that everyone’s been wearing. I’ve been dying to have one for the longest time. They look something like this:


And then I got this idea in my mind that if I bought that, I could pear it with a nice “leaf” necklace about 10 inches long. It looks something like this:



I was so was so close to pulling the money to see how much I had when I heard a voice say, ” Don’t you remember what you said you were going to do the next time you got money?” Dang. I thought. I had made a sort of silent promise to spend hardly any money when it came to things that I wanted, I would only save for things I absolutely needed. And truthfully…I don’t need anymore clothes. I have shoes and accessories packed away in storage that I don’t even think about. Why WOULD cave to the trend when there’s gonna be another one just as good next month. Eventually I will get the top, but right now, I’m going to manage what I have the way God would want me to.

I think about the story in the word of God about a man who was rich. When I say he was rich, I mean he was loaded. In our day, he would be driving a Benz or the newest Jeep. It says in Luke 12: 17 that he couldn’t fit all his riches in his storage units because there was so much. So he had the bright idea that he was going to have more storage units built to put his stuff in. He was so attached to everything, it was like he couldn’t even think of giving one thing away. Well it goes on to say that angel came down to the rich man to let him no he was going to die that night, and all the stuff he had saved up for years would be lost. I can’t imagine how the rich man must’ve felt hearing that. But it helps me realize how impulsive buying things that I don’t need in the moment is. It’s still gonna be there in a month. Why not wait?

Really it’s not all that difficult for me to survive. I’m not a very high maintenance person. All I need is Ramen and a toothbrush and I’m good to go. For those of you who don’t know, Ramen is the “college diet”. It’s delicious while also being very cheap ($1.00 for a 5-pack). I know that God will give me the desires of my heart if I leave it to Him. I can’t count how many times I have been given a gift for Christmas or my birthday that I planned on buying a week before. Paul even says in one of his letters to the churches that he has learned art of being content. You see, he knew the secret that the rest of us are still trying to get make a habit. That’s that God, family, and friends are the key to happiness. Not possesions. So as I go on in life, this will be my goal. Wait for God and his timing is always best.