So now that it’s 2017, I’m on the move. I know I’m not the only one who has this crippling need to do something out of the ordinary. Something that makes you seem at adventurous just so you can tell your friends and see the amazed look on their faces. I feel like I’m just ready for a change, ready to find my place in the world. In the last article, I talked a lot all about my resolutions, and how I planned to make them happen. Even if it didn’t all happen this year. So I wanted write a short article about what I’ve learned since January 1st. Since New Year’s Day, I’ve been feeling more refreshed; glad to be done with 2o16 and all it’s misfortunes. I’m ready for this to be the year that I step into my purpose and my calling. I’m really having faith that something good is going to happen this year. Even something miraculous.

I’ve started doing something called a “Daniel’s Fast”. For some of you that might sound familiar, but for those of you who don’t know, it’s a time in January when many Christians abstain from eating fattening and sugar-filled foods. It’s a time to hear from God based on the time when Daniel ate only fruits and vegetables in the Bible. (Daniel 1:8-20) Daniel and some of his friends were taken captive by another city. But even though they were captives, they were far from starved. The king gave them meat and wine to eat, but Daniel and his friends basically decided to be vegetarians. So they went 10 days eating only their diet so that the king could see that they didn’t need food that was going to insult God. I can’t imagine sitting around the dinner table, watching people eat cheeseburgers in one bite, but only having lettuce and an apple in front of me. In the end, Daniel won. Him and his friends were the strongest in the group, and even got to advise the king on certain matters. Therefore, the point of doing this diet every year is to make ourselves more vulnerable to hear from God. You don’t have to do some fancy dance or pass a test, anyone can do it, and God will answer the honorable heart.

I’ve been doing this for only 3 days now and I’ve already had some amazing breakthroughs. My theme for this year’s fast is healing. I wanted to gain some peace of mind over some past events. I already feel like my heart has regained some of it’s strength. So I would encourage you guys to try fasting at least 1 day out of these 21 days. You don’t have to, but if you do, I guarantee you’ll see a change in your life. I’m going to continue to do this off and on even after the 21 days, and I’ll keep you guys posted on more of my progress. If you’re interested in more of my journey or articles from 2016, I put a link down below for my YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. I hope all of you continue to have a happy new year if you haven’t already. And may God grant you strength to overcome every problem in your life.




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