“There was not an ounce of love,
hidden by the night.”

      So, I decided I wanted to share with a poem you guys that I wrote in my spare time a couple a weeks ago. It’s inspired by my love for snow, and I feel it’s relevant due to all the storms going on right now. It’s also the way I look at all my experiences. A little hardened, yet a little thankful. I hardly ever share my poetry with anyone, in fact this will be the first time that I’ve shared one in this way. I used to have notebooks upon notebooks of songs and stories and poems that I would hide on the side of my bed, just in case anyone (most of the time my brother) got an itch to sneak in my room and snoop. I hold everything I write very close to me so I hope you guys get something out of it.

       It’s basically about how time passes and nothing is permanent. Everything shifts, for the good or for the bad, and it’s about the struggle to trust in anything when you know that change is coming. Writing is basically the way that I find peace; it’s a gift that God has bestowed upon me. I used to feel like it was a curse sometimes, because every time I have a great idea, I have to get it down. No matter where I am or what I’m doing. On a napkin. On cardboard. On toilet paper. Whatever. But I would encourage you today to pursue blazing passions like that. Don’t be ashamed of them, even if no one else understands. We don’t do things to please people, we do them to please God. It’s not the job of our friends, family, and mentors to pat us on the head each day and give us a gold star, we get validation from God. So with that, here it is, my first publicized poem:



 by Hannah Johnson

“It will never last”, I told myself.
There’s no point in the fun.
Oh sprinkled rose and mistletoe,
you soon will meet the sun.

Right now it’s pretty and easy.
But the day is almost through.
I soon will say goodbye,
because that’s what I always must do.

So why shall be happy,
partake in races with sleds.
In the morning I’ll awaken,
and wish I bumped my head.

To forget all this laughter,
that never again shall be.
I’ll wish those moments would tell my heart,
I release you now be free.

Yet still I gave this folly,
the good part of my brain.
I warmed myself up to their bonfires,
and sang their old refrains.

There was not an ounce of love,
hidden by the night.
So I wished that we’d forget our woes,
and tomorrow we wouldn’t fight.

But life comes even in spite,
and shoos good times away.
Without a hesitation,
it pulls is day by day.

So awake I was one hellish night,
the months passed as I’d feared.
I listened for the peaceful sound,
I knew I would not hear.

So there I laid so still,
and wished I’d bumped my head.
For the sprinkled rose expired,
and the sound of laughter was dead.

       The ending may sound a little bit bleak, but when you really think about it, it’s reality. We all know today was the inauguration of President Donald Trump. That’s another huge example of a shift in seasons, or as they call it, “a shift in power”. We have to learn to accept things that we can’t change for what they are. Things can be taken away from us just like that, but in those moments, we learn to really depend on God.We remember that he’s the only one who will never change on us. We learn that we can make our own snow, so to speak. When the season is over and all is said and done, how do you find joy? These are questions I also ask myself, and I hope to find the answers to them as I continue on in this crazy, brusque journey called life.

For now, I’ll leave you something light.