One thing I don’t like about myself that I’m trying to change is…I have always been a procrastinator. I can remember being in the 2nd grade, and having a project sprawled out on the table, and I would sit there, staring at my pencil. All of the sudden, there was something so interesting about it. The pink rubber with it’s yellow, wooden stick. And that sharp tip. Sooo interesting. My mom would come over to check that I was actually doing something, and when I saw her coming, I would straighten up and look as though I was thinking. I know now I wasn’t fooling her. Sometimes I would sit there for hours and waste all the time I could’ve spent playing outside with my friends. It looked something like this:


Spongebob Procrastination GIF


So I kept on doing this until I got older, and now I’m finally FINALLY recognizing the importance of getting things done quickly.


Okay, so I’m someone who has to live in a relatively clean environment. I used to be someone who didn’t really care about how messy things got or if there were crumbs on the counter, but at this point in my life, I can actually say it bothers me. Therefore I do a lot of household work like dishes, dusting, wiping down the counters, cleaning out the refrigerator, cleaning the microwave, bathroom, etc. All of those things are fine with me. I don’t absolutely love doing them, but most of the time, I can manage it. The one thing I hate, however, with a passion…is mopping. I don’t even know where to start with this one. When I used to mop as a kid, it would take me forever! I could never quite get the mop to scrub a stain away completely. I always felt like I was better off getting a paper towel and wiping it away. Also, if you miss sweeping any little spot, the mop will pick up the dirt and track it all over what you just did. For me, it’s the absolute worst. So when it needs to be done, I always delay. I will literally do anything else first. It’s right up there with paying taxes. Well a couple of days ago, I was staring at the floor with a straight face (so straight a small teardrop might’ve escaped my eye) and I realized it was that time again. Usually I would say something like, “Oh, well I have to eat breakfast first” or “I have to get to the store and when I get back I’ll get it over with”, but this time something came over me. I didn’t want this stupid little chore hanging over my head all day, and I felt silly for dreading something so small. So guess what? I got all the supplies out and immediately got it done. I couldn’t focus on anything else, just the small swaying motion of the wound-up strings until it was done. I was so happy when I could sit down, and I prayed that the floor would stay clean for as long as possible (usually it doesn’t the day). My point it, there are always things in life we’re going to have to do that we can’t stand to do.


Here’s a very easy example I can give you of someone who went through the worst thing you could possibly go through in life. Jesus. Jesus gave his life for us by dying one of the most painful deaths in the world. The night before it all went down, He was so stressed out at what he was going to have to do, that He ended up taking a walk around this garden called, Gethsemane. (Matthew 26:37-47)(John 17) He sat down by a rock to pray for strength. He wanted there to be some other way for us to be saved, but He was also willing to do it if that was the only way. He was so stressed out, He started to sweat…drops of blood. When has anyone ever heard of something like that happening. I’m a hardcore runner, and I was sweat a pretty good amount, but never have I come close to sweating blood. I can’t even imagine the trouble that flooded through his mind in those hours. He then went into a prayer about us, that we would be protected from the evil in this world. He knew all the confusion that would come and try to steal away our hearts, so His heart was sorrowful over what WE would suffer through. He did what He had to to protect His children, and that sacrifice has changed the lives of all who have found him. There will never be another man like that. Another God like ours. Jesus also started a chain reaction. The disciples went out after his resurrection to tell everyone else what they saw. They went through so much persecution during that time, but they were also willing to make the sacrifice. In the same way, we should learn to do things that stress us out, like taxes. In the end, you’re happy because you don’t have to think about it until next year. *sigh* A whole 365 days.


Someone I was friends with, who was also a huge mentor in my life, was the one who brought this flaw of mine to the forefront of my mind. I knew it was an issue, but apparently it was getting out of hand. I was in this situation where I was trying to avoid a confrontation with someone over a misunderstanding. I didn’t want to be confrontational, so I just kept avoid having any interaction with that person. My friend told me that running away from the situation wasn’t going to make it go away, and that I shouldn’t keep putting off things like this. She basically reminded me that being a leader included having those tough conversations. It was then that I recognized I had to nip this in the bud immediately, and in the end, the situation ended up working itself out. I learned many more wise lessons from that person that I still carry with me. Anyways, I hope this little article has helped motivate you guys to finish things you have an aversion to right away. I’ve been a lot happier than I was before my mind was consumed, keeping me from enjoying the rest of my day. It also pushes me to feel like more of an adult. Adulting. Which I could always use more practice at. Now I will leave you with this meme to symbolize what “hating tasks” definitely looks like:



Ryan Reynolds Meme 1