So I thought I would write a fun little blog this week, just so you guys can get to know me a little bit better. I wouldn’t call myself a complicated person, nor would I call myself a very simple, person. I would probably put myself a little past the middle on the interesting scale. When I say some of these things back to myself, I have to admit, I’m scared to go forward. I also wonder how God can still love me so much that he overlooks my quirks. But I think transparency is one of the most key pieces that make up confidence. So here you go, all of the facts that make up who I am. Hopefully some of you guys can relate to them…or else I’m in trouble:





1. I’m terrified of heights. I don’t remember the first time exactly when I realized I had this fear. The earliest memory I have is when I went on this ride at Knotts Berry Farm that actually turned out to be like a ski-lift. Yeah. As soon as I got to the very top I had panic attack and felt like I was gonna fall out. It’s kind of funny when I think about it now, but my friend had to talk me down until we got back to the bottom. Yep, that was the moment I knew.


2. #TAYLORSWIFT I have been INSANE about Taylor Swift from day 1. (Since I was 11 years old) She holds such a special place in my heart for so many reasons, but mainly because of her courage, integrity, style, kindness, and of course, talent. No one has ever taken her place as my favorite singer, and although I know she’s not Jesus, I believe she’s the best of the best. If I ever met her…I pretty sure I wouldn’t make it.


3. HUGE Patriots Freak! So even though I consider myself a country girl, I did live in Boston for a portion of my life. I’ve grown to love the city and it’s charm through all four seasons. It was then that I learned something very important, something I would carry with me for the rest of my life. Um, the Patriots are THE BEST. I won’t even get into all the reasons why, but if you look at the past 2 super bowls, I think you’ll catch on quickly.


4. I’ll eat spaghetti literally any time. Spaghetti is my absolute favorite meal. I love pasta in general, but spaghetti (and bolognese) are too amazing to ever pass away. There is nothing not good about spaghetti, but that’s just my opinion.


5. Music is a must-have in the morning. Okay so, music is basically life for me. I like to believe God was thinking just about me when He created music. He knew how much I was gonna need it. (I’m kidding) But seriously, without music I don’t know how I would express myself. Music helps convey emotions that you feel like you can’t put into words. Life would kind of be gray without it. I listen to literally any genre, but my favorite genre in the world is country music. Most people think that it’s songs about dead dogs and horses, but that’s only a stereotype. Country music is storytelling. If you listen to the words behind the music, you’ll find out there’s so much more to one song than you thought. It’s real life experiences.


6. Curly-hair problems? My hair is very curly. I wouldn’t say it’s tightly wound, but just tight enough to keep me straightening it for hours. I’ve learned to admire and embrace my hair for the most part, but every once in awhile I get those days. All I can say is gel and hairspray are life savers.


7. I practice henna on my arms when I’m bored. I tend to be extra creative when I’m bored. Sometimes I’ll take out a pen and doodle on a post it note, and sometimes I’ll just use my arms as paper. I love looking up pictures of the Indian designs and trying to replicate it with my left hand. Sometimes it actually turns out presentable.


8. Singing is LIFE. So for those of you who don’t know, I actually love to sing. That’s part of the reason I love music so much. I was in choir for pretty much my entire life. (From when I was 8-years-old until high school) I’ve had my fair share of solos and have even one a couple of awards, but all of the glamour and popularity isn’t why I sing. It’s instinctive for me. I do it when I’m watching t.v.. I do it when I’m in the car. I do it when I’m in the shower. Literally, all the time. Sometimes I get really shy is when people want me to sing in front of them, that’s only because I haven’t done that for awhile.


9. I’m the worst at public speaking. I wish so badly that I could change this, and believe me I’ve tried. But failed. I get shaky and start to look up instead of making eye contact. I have to look back at my notecards to remember what I was saying. I. Suck. At. Public. Speaking.


10. I can walk for hours in heels. My friends have pointed this out to me plenty of times. If I’m at an event or helping set it up, I can walk for miles before my feet get tired. I don’t know if it’s because I was supposed to be a model or something, but I’ve just got this drive in me to do it. Even when I eventually get tired, I can try to suck it up for the sake of finishing whatever I’m doing.


11. I hate confrontation. I used to be very confrontational. I was someone who like to argue about everything, simply because I knew I was always right. (Crazy I know) If someone got in my face, I wasn’t afraid to get in theirs, it wasn’t until I rededicated my life to God that I changed for the better. I stopped trying to argue so much, and realized I wasn’t right about everything. Once in awhile, I get someone who is exactly the way I used to be and I have to learn how to deal with the situation maturely. I don’t always succeed, as a matter of fact I’ve failed plenty of times, but I can say for sure that I no longer like that sinking bitter feeling that comes when I hold onto anger.


12. Once I love you, I never stop. Not in a creepy way of course (lol) but once I start caring about someone for a good period of time, it’s really difficult for me to just stop caring. Even if that person has hurt me/is out of my life. I pray for people that I haven’t talked to in a year, and when I pray for you, I mean it. We may be apart, but you’re still part of my family.


13. When I’m angry, laughing is how I cope. So weird, I know. I’ve tried to get better at this several times. But yes, when I’m angry or really nervous, laughing is how I cope. I don’t know why, but I usually say embrace your flaws if you can’t change them. So that’s what I do.


14. I was a receptionist. For about a year and some change I was an administrative assistant at a facility my aunt works for. It gave me a lot of good and interesting experience that I actually ended up using later on in life.


15. Live to run! I’m a hardcore runner. I was in cross country in middle school, and then cross country and track when I was in high school. Some people lose that discipline they had once they leave the sport, but I wanted to take it with me. It’s become a part of my lifestyle, and it’s another coping skill I used when I’m upset. It kind of helps me in my recovery when I feel weak and want to go back to what I shouldn’t. It also helps me stay healthy so I can live to be 100-years-old (comfortable, beautiful, and flexible).


16. Sarcastic. Not all the time, but sometimes I tend to have a bit of dry humor in me. It’s never about being hurtful about it, just funny and ironic. I mean, what’s the punchline gonna do without me?


17. Caught lipstick-handed. This one’s so embarrassing. When I’m running out the door and trying to save time, I put on my lipstick while I’m walking. I’m not someone who believes in wasting an ounce of my gorgeous red plum shade, so I dig my finger into the tube and scrape out whatever’s left. As I”m putting it on my lips, I just wipe what’s on my finger on my hand. Sometimes I remember to rub it in, other times my friends are like, “Oh my gosh, are you bleeding?” Then I have to explain it.


18. I love my tiny mutt. I have the most adorable chihuahua that has ever walked the face of this Earth. His name is Ozzy. He has big brown eyes and always looks like he’s smiling on the side of his face. He’s an older dog but he can still be a handful, barking in the early morning and leaving little presents on the floor. But somehow I still love him. He brings me so much joy in just one day.


19. Hair color? I get my hair color from dad. It’s a mix of dark brown, blond, and even little bits of red that you can see in the sun. I love it, but lately I’ve been dying it more often. My next venture is gonna be letting my roots grow out, and then putting in blonde ombre. The perfect summer color.


20. I’ve played almost every sport there is. Okay, so with this one I’m really not kidding. I have played soooo many sports in just 23 years of my life. Basketball, volleyball, outdoor soccer, INDOOR soccer, cross country and track (as I said earlier), tennis (during the summer), badminton, ping-pong (during the summer). Everything. The only thing I was never good at is baseball, and surprisingly it’s my favorite sport to watch. I just love competing in anything pretty much.


21. I love EVERY shade of blue imaginable. Blue is and always will be my favorite color. There’s never been a shade of blue I didn’t like. It’s funny because when I was younger, I was taught that boys were supposed to like blue and girls, pink. I never wanted to seem like a boy, so I think suppressed it as much I could.


22. Flirtatious? Even Christians can be flirtatious, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s all about your intentions, if that person is single, and how far you take it. I wouldn’t say I’m overly flirtatious, but I know how to flirt. The guys I’ve flirted with in the past have definitely known what I was doing. I will admit I can be obvious just to see how the person is guy is going to react. If they flirt back, I’m lit.


23. I love rustic decor. Like I said, I’m a country girl. I love the outdoors and walking fields of wildflowers. I mentioned in one of my earlier articles, The Cabin & Me I love cabins in the woods and often dream of owning my own someday, preferably next to a lake. I want the inside to look just like the outside. Rustic. When it comes to mason jars, fireplaces, and lanterns, I want it all! I’m so in love with this style of designing that I fell like I might over do it when I finally buy my first house. Hopefully I don’t.


24. I’m obsessed with white lace! Sometimes I’ll be at the store, and I’ll see this beautiful skinny-strap dress and go on my way to buy it, only to remember I already have 5 more dress like it. I love white lace so much I forget how much I have. It’s still too soon to tell if I’m getting better, or worse.


25. I used to move around a lot. My dad was in the military for my whole, which is why I’ve been to so many places. It was hard at times having to leave all my friends and memories behind, but it also taught me how to learn social skills. I used to be really shy as a kid because always TOLD me I was shy. I just assumed it was true. It wasn’t until my last year of middle school and first year of high school that I realized it wasn’t true. I’m actually an extrovert who can talk to people at the store, or on a bus. If I hadn’t moved around a lot, I may not have discovered that part of myself.


26. Not a fan of being ignored. I HATE feeling like I’m not heard, it really sets me off. I’ve have to talk to God about this several times because it one of my biggest pet peeves. It’s one things to listen, but it’s another to hear. When I think I’m not getting my point across, or that someone will interrupt me, my voice might get a little louder and I start stumbling over my words. I don’t ignore someone unless I absolutely have to, so if I’m doing it, you have to know there’s a dang good reason.


27. I’m in loooove with big trucks! Something about big trucks gives me goosebumps. I know it sounds so strange, but when I see one going really fast, it makes all warm inside. They’re beautiful.


28. Car for myself? A 1999 Suzuki Vitara. Other than trucks I’ve consistently liked cars that are older than me or look older than me. One of them is the Suzuki Vitara. This car is most popular in places like California or where there’s plenty of sun because of their design. It’s a beach/road trip car that normally has an open roof. It’s definitely the car for me, and when I finally get it, I want it with HUGE wheels.


29. Christian Artists? My favorite Christian artists are Firefight, Lauren Daigle, Switchfoot, Britt Nicole, NF, KB, TobyMac, and Chris Tomlin. There’re so many more I love, but those are just a few.


30. Wanted to move to Nashville. Only people who are close to me know this. As I said, I love country music and at one point, I wanted to move to Nashville and make my name known. It didn’t end up working out in the end, but I still love Nashville very much and hope to visit someday.



There it is, 30 facts you probably did know about me. I hope you enjoyed me exposing all my deepest darkest secrets and hidden desires (Not really). I hope after hearing some of my flaws, you will feel like you can accept who you are and make your own flaw into your greatest strengths. Be assertive. Be brave.


P.S., here’s a picture of my dream car. Don’t laugh: