Alright guys, today I want to talk about something that I think is very important to the lifestyle of someone following Christ. It’s something we all fail at at some point. We all know as people, that the way we act, the way we talk, and the things we do portray the kind of person we are. It’s hard to make a second impression completely cancel out the first. Basically, if I pull up to my boyfriend’s parents’ house with a holey tank top on with barbecue sauce stains all over it, and then I plop myself on their couch while asking what’s for dinner, I doubt they would want to have me over again. It’s the same concept.

I have been very careful lately to be aware of the way I treat people. I don’t always succeed, but I try. A lot of people outside of the belief system think that Christians are dry, pushy, judgmental freaks. I literally hear it all the time. It makes me sad to know that I’m sometimes already being judged when I make it clear where I stand. I never want people to get the wrong impression of Christians, as I talked about in my other article, VOTD: Double Shrug… . If people tell me that they believe differently than I do, I don’t just immediately thump them on the head with a Bible. It can looks really bad. My tactic has always been to love them, whether they follow my lifestyle or not, because that’s exactly what Jesus did. He hung out with thieves, prostitutes, and people with contagious diseases. He took no “L’s” when it came to loving all kinds of people. He didn’t insult or berate them. He spoke to them with understanding, even ate over their houses. (John 8:1-11) I believe that God called us to do the same. When meeting people who are atheist or agnostic, do you really think that telling them that they’re a terrible person  that’s going to hell is going to MAKE them love Jesus? First of all, you can’t make anyone love someone or something, it has to be their own decision. Second of all…no. Granted, we all have different tactics, but I don’t believe in the one that puts people down.

So you may be thinking to yourself, “Nice Hannah, so I’m not supposed to evangelize to any nonChristians? Real smart idea.” I’m not saying don’t evangelize to people, but do it respectfully. Do it with order. Do it in the form of a conversation. We all have at least one friend and/or loved one that doesn’t know God. We may have known them for years or just a couple of months. Pray for God to work on their heart, you can even get more than one person praying. (Matthew 18:20) If they start asking questions about God or challenging you, take that as something good. It means they’re questioning themselves, and that’s the time God is providing for you to “sneak in” and be a light that shines for His name.

I just wanted to talk about this with you guys because it’s been on my mind a lot. I’ve always heard the statement, “You may be the only Jesus that someone sees.” Imagine how you would want someone to come at you, and that’s how you should come at others. It’s all about respect and love. That’s what almost half of the Ten Commandments consist of. So just remember that. Most of us have the best of intentions, we just have to go about it the right way. Anyways, I love you guys and I SO badly want to see you succeed, in the same way I want to see myself succeed. So I encourage you to get out there and show the world what your really made…hopefully that didn’t sound to corny. Okay I’m done BYEEEEE!!


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